About Us

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with the highest quality, evidence based care to ensure their personal goals and best outcomes are achieved in the optimum period of time

  • To ensure that our team of health care professionals continue to stay up to date with the latest evidence in order to deliver highest quality of care

What We Do

  • Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals specialize in analysing and treating problems relating to the body’s joints/muscles/fascia/ligaments and nervous systems

  • Your therapist will conduct a detailed assessment of your primary concern(s) by first going through structured questioning, followed by a detailed clinical examination involving testing pain generating structures and detailed observation of movement patterns

  • We then take time to educate you on the causes of the problem, address any questions pertaining to their primary concern(s), and clearly explain how we can work together to help resolve/improve the condition

  • We also provide clients with the tools to self-manage their conditions via an individualized treatment plan specific to their needs and goals